FIFA 13 scores on Call of Duty

FIFA 13 is very intriguing you can get aggravated with just a small mistake. This is because the new game in the franchise of FIFA games is very hard to manage when it comes to staying with the ball.

“FIFA 13 is way better than FIFA 12 because it has new graphics.” Senior Bismarck Sedano said.

The producers made the game to be as realistic as possible with more space for errors when dribbling the ball.

The game is also based on the best player in the world as introduced by FIFA, which is Lionel Messi the 25 year old man. He comes out in the cover of the game and also the realism of the game is based on what Messi can do on the field taking on defenders.

The game has revolutionized how players play online and offline since it excites players not knowing what can happen, you can get a red card out of nowhere, give a penalty with a small touch and much more.

Honestly I do not regret buying the game because I can get aggravated with the game that way I don’t know why but it brings on the excitement of a real life game. Compared to Black Ops I prefer this game since you do not have to prove yourself as an individual with a gun but as a whole team and teamwork which humans use everyday.

The guns and gameplay in Black Ops with zombies and all is not realistic and the game is just an imagination to which if you play FIFA it can show you how to play the game in real life and can actually try to play soccer on a daily basis.

FIFA 13 is actually fun compared to Black Ops because you are really engaged all the time unlike Black Ops in which people would eventually hack the game which is pointless in FIFA games.

FIFA 13 has introduced the ability to be more defensive and offensive to the players in the games unlike old FIFA games there would be serious glitches involving penalties and fouls. Producers semi-perfected that little problem with realistic touches.

When I played online I became very angry with the game since it was hard to me to make a goal. In FIFA 12 it was so much easier to shoot the ball because you always knew where it was going to go in a certain angle. Basically producers made the game like real life in the motto that anything can happen.

This game is way better than Black Ops 2 and it is a fact no matter what anyone has to say because in reality you can do stuff in person on FIFA and Black Ops is just the imagination of what would be war.

A person would not get killed over 50 times in real life and they can not be always relying on unlimited weapons coming out of nowhere.

Even the people of APB agree with me because some people even can argue that Black Ops is nothing more than a fantasy.

“It’s the best game ever, it’s better than black Ops .” Bismarck said.

On the campaign it is based on real figures and real events in history but the main player is fictional. Black Ops also features Zombies mode which is fun I admit but then again it’s only survival mode no other modes.

If you play FIFA 13 real players in soccer like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are featured and can perform what they can do in real life. Even some of the skill moves are based on signature skills they have like when Ronaldo “chops” the ball to the side.

In Call of Duty games person gets tired of playing the same modes. In FIFA there is different players you play every time with no type of extra boosts like with Grenade launchers and Rocket launchers. In FIFA you have no extra boost only that you get the same players and you know what they do on the field so you use them to your potential.

In the end, most can agree FIFA is better than Black Ops in general so why bother buying Black Ops 2 in November. Might as well get FIFA and play what you can with no extra boost or perks.

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