APB’s Christmas Wishlist for Santa

Christmas is back and as everyone knows every single teen wants a new technological device, clothes, money, shoes, and any new apparel that will make them happy. We also know that the perfect person to ask in the world is Santa.
This year, APB’s Gryphon Gazette had a survey on what students want for this years Christmas. We came across fascinating wishes. We counted all the desires students had, like a new computer, an iPod touch 5th generation, clothes, money, and of course the most talked about iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy S3.
We calculated percentages and what students wanted and we came up to a top 15 list. The number one was clothes having 94 percent of students wanting apparel and the least wanted was books with a total of fifteen percent. It was amazing seeing how studnets wanted more clothes than books. Shouldn’t education matter? Well apparently, not during Christmas.
Students have made great choices according to the surveys and interviwes. Many students, like freshman Karla Martinez, does not want anything for Christmas. Karla said she wants her family for one more year full of happiness and joy. She said gifts do not make her happy but the happiness of her family does.
Hopefully this year Santa has read and accomplished students wishes. Students have been great all semester long working on homework, studying for test, working  together for SAT’s and coming as one to make our school a better community.
Students are not asking for much but it was our duty to get Santa to know what students wish for the most this year.
Although, many of the gifts asked for will not be under the tree for Christmas, remember your family will be there from evening to midnight spending those beautiful moments with you and cherishing every minute spent together as a family.

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