Look great for the Holidays

Dressing for the holidays is always a tough decision for teens today.

For the ladies, it’s either a dress with stilettos, pants with a nice blouse topped with a nice coat with boots, or stockings with a big loose sweater.
For the gentlemen, it’s a decent collar shirt with dress pants, the new shoes that just came out that costed all your allowance, or a crew neck with a nice snap back— SWAG.
Now, you don’t have to worry about it, we have the greatest outfits, incredible fashion, and best tips for this holiday season just for you.
During the winter season, many stores like H&M, Forever21, Hollister, Macy’s, JC Penny, 2b, and Nordstrom become one of the most popular stores to go shopping to because of their incredible fashion and discounts.
During the holidays, especially, all the racks get filled up with seasonal clothes that are inexpensive and really cute for both men and women.
You can find these stores in the following popular malls: Westfield malls, Cerritos Mall, Beverly Center, South Bay Galleria, Grove, and Citadel outlets.
Not everyone has the time to go to the mall and find themselves a nice outfit, but the internet is an awesome source many of you can use to find the perfect apparel for the holidays.
It’s also a best way to earn yourself a little more money than what you would at the actual stores and it’s another  way to look great for the holidays.
Christmas and New Years are the perfect holidays to show off your fashion style.
Winter is known for the season of fashion due to it’s amazing and incredible fashion designs that come in stock like knitwear, jeans, dresses, beanies, tights, boots, tops, and many other fascinating apparel that will accommodate you.
You might ask yourself, what kind of outfit should I choose, and how do I know if it will accommodate you?
Well in order to have the great outfit look for the season, you need to find an outfit that will fit to your shape.
If your slim, perhaps find an outfit that helps you show your figure. If you’re tall, find an outfit that will help you show off your height. You want an outfit that will help you with your height.
To the left and to the right they are some outfits chosen that show exactly how to choose the perfect fit.
Katy Bruski, 11th grade English teacher wearing an H&M coat with Cathy Jean Boots and Joe Jeans that give her the great shape and fit.
The combination of the coat, the boots, and the jeans is amazing.
You might want consider an outfit like this for the winter season to keep you not only cozy but fashionable.
Senior Brian Nerio wearing an H&M knitted sweater with black Levis that give him the perfect length structure and accomadates to his slim shape.
This is another perfect outfit you might want to consider as a season outfit because of its design and colors help give it the perfect look for the Christmas holiday.
You might not be satisfied with the options giving to you here but luckily there are great solution for you.
There are some great websites where you can check out other outfits that correspond to this years winter season 2012 and not only that, but outfits for the upcoming year 2013 have also been updated so that you can start your year looking fabulous and fashionable.
Some of the websites you might want to keep in consideration are: Cosmopolitan.com, vibrantdoll.com and lookbook.un.
These websites will help you to not only choose the best outfit but it will also help you with combinations, how to chose designs and how to match something like a blouse with pants or footwear.
This years winter season has had many new cute apperal for both men and women that come from many different company stocks.
Don’t forget, this winter break, to check some outfits online or at the mall that can help you give yourself the ideal season outfit to end the year looking handsome and glamorous.

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