Is it Cheating if . . .

genesis and edwin

Cheating is a one of the most hurtful
actions a human being can commit,
cheating can occur because of several
reasons, the actual reason why people cheat is
Some reasons people believe why cheating
occurs is usually because during a long term relationship the couple either the male or female
involved may go through changes in their lives
that affect them emotionally and that effect
can turn towards their partner.
This can cause them to turn on each other
or feel like they’re tired of one another making
them to slowly fall apart and care less of one
another thus this is believed when cheating
When the male or female feel less attached
to their partner and find comfort in the arms
of another person.
Flirting is the first step towards cheating,
when someone who is in a current relationship
starts to flirt with another person who is not
their partner usually means that they are slowly
losing interest in their relationship and are getting bored.
When in a relationship, people should not
flirt, cuddle, hang out, or especially of course
not kiss anyone else who is not your partner.
You have to stay loyal to your partner and
if you no longer want to be in that relationship
then instead of going around cheating on your
partner simply just leave him or her so both
can move on without getting hurt.
We have come across people that we know
have cheated or gotten cheated on. There are
many terrible ways that people have cheated in
For example one of the worsts ways that we
can remember is being in a long term relationship for about 4 years and the female involved
in the relationship starts to talk to someone
else and slowly starts liking that person and out
of nowhere decides to leave their partner that
they have been with for 4 years just to go with
a guy that she just met because he was physically more attractive and he was financially
Then in about two weeks the new
relationship falls apart because of the guy
cheated on the girl and left her all alone afterwards with nothing left but her irony.
In the following days she tried to go back
with her ex boyfriend regretting what she had
done she implored to take him back knowing
that she had done a terrible thing to him.
In his depression he did not want anything to do with her anymore all he wanted
was to move on.
Our point here is when there is no longer
that spark or trust in the relationship people
tend to leave their partner or on the other
hand choose to cheat on them so before
anything happens that can result in someone
getting hurt emotionally think twice before
you do something that you might regret.
You may not think that it will effect a
person in the beginning but in the long run
people have to realize it sooner than later
because it can change your perspective of
The way you look at a person, the way
you trust a person, basically the way you are
towards a person can change you negatively.

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