A new way to raise money for college

There are many ways of earning money for college such as earning scholarships, summer jobs etc. But did you know you can earn scholarships online?

Websites such as raiseme.com offer students microscholarships so they can earn money for college. This online program is developed so students from the age of fifteenth can start working on saving up their money for their future. This programs is suppose to make financial aid easier and help students improve in their school and community by making them work for the scholarships and earning good grades. Micro scholarships are smaller than regular scholarship and much easier to get a hold of. The people who can receive micro scholarships are anyone who gets accepted or anyone who is enrolled at a high school, involving no age restrictions.



This online program offers micro scholarships for things such as: perfect attendance for a year, taking AP classes and tests, academic process, volunteer work, taking honors courses, and even for participating in sports. According to the website raiseme.com, the website is more than money. The website goals are “to reinforce positive behavior, shorten students’ feed back loop, to promote clear and achievable goals, rewarding inputs and not only outputs, and building a college-going culture” will you take advantage of this program? Do you think the program is a positive thing? let us know in the comments below.



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