ARC Experience

ARC is an after school program that creates clubs and activities for students in High School. It rewards students with education, encouragement, and improvement in school .This new school year, Ánimo Pat Brown has ARC again, but it will involve less activities and clubs due to budget cuts.

The students who are participating in ARC Leadership this year are willing to fundraise money for future activities for participants. When active members in ARC were asked,about their opinion on the idea of fundraising this is what was said, “We don’t have enough money for field trips or a DJ for dances, so we would have to fundraise a lot to earn money for things like that,” says Alondra Muratalla, a senior who is an ARC Leadership member.

When asked what struggles are there, now that ARC had less money, “Limited funds, without them that’s it. There isn’t much that can be done,” says ARC coordinator Jose. The after school program ARC, wasn’t able to get a grant this year. Now all the school clubs have one fourth of the money of what was provided last year. ARC will have to think wisely about how they’re going to spend the money.

Since not a lot of students take advantage of the opportunities provided by ARC, one must encourage them. “For seniors I’d tell them they need to make the best out of their last year here,” says Jose from ARC. “To the others, they have a couple of years of high school left, but the more you’re involved the better your year is going to be,” said Jose.

New clubs have arrived on campus this year, activities such as Fitness Boot Camp, Nerd Club, and Mock Trial. Along with previous clubs that many students seem to enjoy, like boys and girls basketball, soccer, cheer-leading and guitar.

Last years ARC coordinators, Eric and Rosa, motivated the students more to participate in the program. According to Wendy Ponce, a senior that was in ARC last year, said, “I really liked ARC last year because Rosa and Eric weren’t that strict about the rules. They just wanted us to be very committed for example we had to help clean, promote, and we had to stay at least once a week”. ARC this year, might be the reason students don’t want to join. “I didn’t really feel like joining ARC this year because there’s only one coordinator and by the looks of it, it looks like a very slow progress. I remember last year in the first month of school we already had the BBQ happening.”