Animal Abuse Awareness

Animal Cruelty in our Everyday Lives

Is it right for elephants to carry their own weight on only two legs? Should tigers jump through rings of fire when they actually fear it? Should animals be forced in small enclosures with unnatural habitats that make them unhappy? None of them deserve all that torture. Not only at home do animals get abused, but also in public places such as the circus and the zoo. It is proven that there are animals being abused every 60 seconds in our lives.


Behind the curtains of the Circus

Although the circus may seem really entertaining with all the acrobatic performances and  animals. Animals are not meant to be used as entertainment . They are meant to be free in the wild where they belong. Trainers use tight collars, electric prods, whips, bull hooks, muzzles, cuffs, chains, and other painful tools to force animals to perform. Circuses claim that they don’t abuse their animals but can we really trust their word? Circuses make money because people come to see animals perform so it is safe to say they they would do whatever they need to get the animals trained and ready to perform to make money. They have been cases where Elephants have escaped the circus and killed humans because they were paranoid and terrified due to all the abuse they suffered while being trained to preform. Circus animals deserve to be released to their natural habitat and live normal lives in the wild able to roam free and be euphoric for the rest of their lives.


Zoo’s in Reality

Many Zoo’s seem happy on a surface level but anyone who pays attention can see that the animals are extremely unhappy and treated with cruelty by both employees and guests. Many zoo animals are deprived of anything that is important to them. Due to this many animals get lonely and jaded and could suffer from a condition called Zoochosis. Symptoms of Zoochosis include pacing, rocking, vomiting and even self mutilation.  Many zoo animals also never get any exercise as they are supposed to,  many elephants walk up to 200 miles a day, but in many zoos they are locked up in barns and due to the lack of exercise, they develop arthritis and suffer much pain.  Zoo’s also have the habit of selling surplus animals to places like hunting ranches, circuses, pet shops, exotic meat factories, research facilities, and even online. That is the terrible fate for all adorable animals we loved and adored as children.


Stop Animal Cruelty

House pets are members of the family. Loving, caring, obedient, and overall just plain adorable. No one could ever think of hurting such adorable animals. Or so people would have you think. People post their animal cruelty acts on social media such as youtube, facebook and twitter. Contact the VFTA at (310) 392-5153 to report any animal cruelty in your area. There is currently only one form of protection which is The Animal Welfare act. This act is supported by the USDA, APHIS and Animal Care. These organizations help protect defenseless animals. If you are against animal abuse speak up.



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