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All the shows you’ve been waiting for are finally back! The top 4 most watched tv shows, Awkward, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story: Freak Show, and Once Upon a Time, are releasing new episodes in the upcoming days.


The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a show of a Zombie Apocalypse happening in present day. A man named Rick, wakes up from a coma not knowing that he was waking up to man eating creatures of the dead. Rick is meticulously searching for his family when he sees that his town has been deserted. Rick later finds his family after coming close to many walkers (zombies) and many people wanting to kill his new group of survivors.

As we last saw in season 4, Rick and the group have been split up for days now, after the Governor’s attack on the jail house. Everyone is looking for each other and going to the same place called Terminus. Rick, Carl, and Michonne are the last ones to arrive at Terminus and see that it is a good place to protect the others, but little that did they know that the others were all there hidden in a big cargo box. In season 5, it is all about getting out of Terminus where the people are cannibals planning to eat everyone in the group. The rest is just a mystery, we’ll just have to wait and see what is waiting for us at Terminus.Turn in to AMC on Sunday Oct 12 at 9/8c to see the season primer.



Awkward is a show that revolves around a girl name Jenna Hamilton and her life struggles on finding her identity. It all starts where she is mistaken on attempting to commit suicide when she is trying to get rid off a ¨carefrontation¨ letter. She becomes very known in school, getting the bad attention she didn’t want at all as well as dealing with plenty of guy trouble.

As last seen in season 4, Jenna starts her senior year and begins to get more concerned about school. She also tries to build up a bond with her ex matty. They have sexual intercourse and become friends with benefits but shortly after, Jenna ends their relationship. Later, after ending it, she begins her experience on dating a college guy. That relationship also doesn’t last. While she is in her relationship with Luke, the college guy, she begins to realize she is still crazy about Matty when a new girl at school begins to start a relationship with Matty. The new girl Eva lies to everyone at school and begins the lie about her being pregnant by Matty. He takes responsibility and stays with Eva which leads to his pushing Jenna away. Eva eventually gets caught up in all her lies and Matty is relieved on not being a Dad and apologises to Jenna. Who knows what will happen in upcoming seasons? Watch the new episodes every Tuesday!

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Once Upon A Time

In a small town in Maine, called Storybrooke,the residents don’t know who they actually are. All of the residents are fairy tale characters from many stories that we all know. They came to be here in the real world after a curse that came upon them transporting all of the fairy tale characters to a world where happily ever after doesn’t exist.

As we last saw in Season 3, Emma has defeated  Peter Pan for good and Regina has destroyed the wicked witch of the west. But what they did not do was destroy the magic circle in which the wicked witch wanted to go back in time and ruin Regina’s life. A container fell over and out came a blue liquid that moved along the grooves of the circle. Once the liquid hit center of these pentagon, out came out  Frozen’s Elsa.

In Season 4, we are going to see a lot of Frozen characters. In the first episode of the new season, we saw the parents of Anna and Elsa, the Rock Trolls, Kristoff, Sven, and the Snow Monster. Elsa in this new world is looking for Anna after being trapped in the container for a year not knowing what happened to her sister. If you want to see the first episode, tune in to ABC at 7/6c on Sunday Oct. 5, and dont forget to stay there to see the second episode of Once Upon A Time. There are new episodes every Sunday at 8/7c.

American Horror Stories: Freak Show

American Horror Story is a drama/horror show that portrays different scenarios that are sometimes based on real life events. Each season is different, but they all have that freaky scary plot. The first season was Murder house, second season was Asylum, third season, Coven, and the new season will be Freak Show. This season is said to take place in Jupiter, Florida and will revolve around a circus and its different unusual members. It will show how the “freaks” are struggling to survive due to not many circuses being around in the 1950s. The premiere of the season was October 8th, and it introduced most of the cast members and their background on how they ended up in the circus. A new episode will be on every Wednesday on FX, so watch it to discover more about the members!


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