As everybody knows, breast cancer is a cancer that starts through the tissues of the breasts. The risk of obtaining breast cancer increases as you get older. In most cases, it’s found in women over the age of 50. Many people have faced a variety of situations involving cancer. Many families have been torn apart because somebody either related or close to them have been diagnosed with breast cancer or already contain it. Many locations and people have embraced October as breast cancer month by wearing pink ribbons, clothes, etc. We refer it as to “Pinktober.” Its breast cancer awareness month, a health organization made by breast cancer charities to raise funds and spread the word about this disease.

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We have unfortunately experienced one of our beloved teacher Ms. Mata pass away from this terrifying disease. Who would have thought that someone who looked perfectly fine would one day out of no where not be with us anymore. What hurt us the most is that many of her students were expecting to see her that morning in class but instead they came to class to hear that horrible news. We still remember when people would walk down the hall, she would always say good morning to everyone. She always had a beautiful smile on her face no matter what time of the day it was. She never gave up on any of her students no matter what situation they were going through. One of our math teachers Ms. Mainella, was really close to Ms. Mata said, “Ms. Mata absolutely LOVED teaching because her passion was infectious. She and I shared this passion and we of course were pretty big geeks when it came to math.” She always came to class excited and she never let the fact that she was sick interfere with her everyday activities. There was a time where Ms.Mata had to shave her head, but she wasn’t alone. Our principal, Mr.Hartford, our ex counselor, Ms. Russe and two of our science teachers, Mr. Daniell and Mr.Osterhaus joined her and shaved their head with her. That just shows how much respect and love our APB teachers had for her.

Besides the teachers, students have also shown their love and respect by selling pinktober ribbons and donating the money raised to first descents. First descents is an organization she was part of, with others dealing with an illness like her. She did activities like rock climbing and hiking. That was an organization she loved being a part of. Students in our school that are part of student council made a bulletin board in the hallway for pinktober in memory of Martha Mata.

There is many people going through such a horrible thing whether its family or friends. There is only so  much you can do for a person going through this but the one thing you can do is always be there by there side. Always encourage them to never give up and show them that  there is still hope.