Chaotic Clowns


The spirit of Halloween is here and it has come furiously. Individuals have began to dress up as clowns and terrorizing citizens by wandering the street at night. The epicenter of these appearances can be found in Wasco, Bakersfield through social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. As the result of these websites, it caused for this topic to trend and reach across the nation affecting everyone. Teenagers have had a major impact on this dilemma and have taken it too serious. They have made a big deal about the subject in Wasco city; teenagers have gone to Halloween stores to try and steal clown costumes.  Even though teens have tried to steal costumes, Halloween stores have made more business in selling costumes, such as clown costumes. Furthermore, dispatchers in police stations are getting calls to go to the scene of the alleged crime immediately because they have seen and feel threatened by a clown suspect that he/she is trying to hurt someone. dressing like a clown is not illegal, but someone dressed like one carrying a weapon, chasing and threatening someone is against the law. said a police officer in Bakersfield.  If anyone is caught prank calling 911 about clowns, they might face jail time.

We interviewed several students and teachers from Animo Pat Brown on how clowns affect them and would affect our community.

Kevin Hernandez a Junior in APB said he is afraid of clowns to a certain extent. He included “Its going to make people afraid of clowns and professional clowns will lose their jobs”.

Carlos Rodriguez a junior in APB said that being afraid of clowns might traumatize little kids but it wont affect my life.

“When I was a little kid I used to be afraid of clowns, now I’m not, but they are still kind of scary.” It sure wouldn’t have a positive impact a lot of people are afraid of clowns” said by Christopher Diaz a freshman at APB.

“I would be weirded out but not be scared, I would be very confused”, Anything that is out of ordinary can cause a disruption, it can be good or bad. said Ms.Mehl.

Therefore, if this type of incident would come close to the proximity of our school and community it would have an impact to our society. The effects of this clown chaos would result in abrupt panic, especially in nights because of the activity that occurs at night with people being outside enjoying the sun as nightfall approaches. It would also result in children and parents fearing for their own safety because it may also traumatize little kids if they walk to school. Especially since Halloween is right around the corner, these clown individuals will no doubt creep the streets.

By, Linda Noriega & Jesus Ramirez

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  1. Pretty straight forward Article. It was pretty interesting to be honest keep up the good work guys shout out to the people who made it Linda and Jesus #ayye

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