Child Poverty in U.S is at its Highest Point in the past 20 years

Child poverty has been an issue for centuries. But now child poverty is higher than it has been in the past 20 years. Child poverty increases the risk of injury, infant mortality and unfortunately death. Ever since the Great Depression 25% of children don’t have enough food to survive and 7 million children don’t have health insurance. Studieschild-poverty_10-things-id-ban-if-i-were-president show that every seven hours a child dies of neglect or abuse. How can you help decrease the number of poor defenseless children that are homeless and suffering out on the streets? We can start by creating more jobs that can support families so that these children don’t end up on the streets with no warm, loving home to live in. Another way that you can decrease the number of children on the streets is by adopting. Adopting a child can help them be healthy, happy and decrease their chances of death. Children are our future. Don’t let them suffer. Contact the U.S. Fund for UNICEF (800) 367-5437.

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