Driving can cause many fatal incidents that may cause deaths and many persons are not taking any steps to prevent this. While driving there are many distractions that people have to try and resist in order to be safe. Distracted driving is type of activity in which take the persons attention away from their driving task. A few distractions people may face in their everyday lives are things like using a phone and texting, fixing a radio, talking to other passengers, getting ready in the car like fixing a tie or putting makeup on, using navigation systems, or eating and drinking. These are distractions while driving because they take the driver’s eyes off the road and stops them from paying attention to the things surrounding them. These little distractions can cause danger to the driver and the people around them, taking your eyes off the road can put many people in danger and can get you into trouble.


There are organizations like Impact Teen Drivers, Volunteer-match, and many more that keep people informed about driving distractions. Based on information from 2012 3,328 people died because of a driving distraction. The help provided by these organizations can help save lives by giving teens steps and precautions that will prevent an incident. Other simple steps that a person can do if they want to drink is have a reliable friend drive them home. Text the person when not driving anymore so there is no temptation. If running late and decide to call do not call when driving because that simple distraction can cause you money or worse it can cause a death.

When asking a senior teen driver what their opinion about the precautions to take when driving they responded by saying that “one should always keep their eyes in the road and avoid the distractions surrounding you”. Ms. Yakota a Spanish teacher also responded to this question and said “ I make sure to turn on my navigation, music, or any other distractions that might come up before I start the car”. She was also asked what distractions she commonly gets and she said “ Changing my music, phone calls, texts, and other aggressive drivers can be distracting”. Ms. Freeman an English teacher also had the similar ideas. “ I try not to distract myself when I hear my phone ring”. All of these people have many distractions along the way but, they manage to keep their eyes on the road and be safe. Life depends on one’s decision and one should always choose what benefits one the most and not what endangers you or affects you the most.

Contributors: Annette Rodriguez and Petra Moreno


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