Obesity is and has been a huge problem in our everyday lives. Some things that cause obesity is the lack of energy, inactive lifestyle, surrounding environment, emotional factors etc. Millions of americans do not understand the fact that obesity can not only affect outer appearance but also cause serious health issues. This disease can cause many health problems in different parts of our body systems. For example, being obese can malfunction an organ and can cause catastrophic issues such as death.

Have we asked what country has the most obese population in the world? In the article America is No Longer the Most Obese Country in the World, it stated that,  “America is no longer the most obese country among more populous nations. That honor, which, according to another study, Americans held as recently as March, now belongs to Mexico”. This shows that Mexico is the top country in the world to have an obesity problem. It is said that 70% of people are overweight and almost ⅓ % of population are obese. Teenagers have been ranked as the top people to have obesity problems, which causes future illnesses like diabetes. Diabetes is a sickness that causes problems in their system. Even if Mexico is the top rank of obesity, America follows with a 31.8%, which should really start going towards are interest into having concern of having a healthier life.

Many students in our school have experienced a problem with obesity. These students were able to talk to us about their experience and how they were able to make a better choice in choosing a better healthier lifestyle. Jose Gonzalez, a senior at APB, mentioned his weight loss experience and the reasons behind his decision to take control of his weight. When asked what motivated him to lose weight, Jose says, “ I want to be a beach model. I want to be healthy enough to be able to box and play soccer”. Answering another question, his response was, “In order to lose weight I do cardio for 30 minutes, lift weight, eat healthy like, meat, salads, fish, proteins, and carbs” . After a period of practicing these tips in order to lose weight, Jose says his results have been, ” not getting tired quickly, run for longer period of time, and feel stronger” . Jose’s words to those who are in the process of losing weight is, ” do plenty of cardio, always eat healthy, motivate yourself, and don’t give up”. Jose has successfully been able to lose weight in matter of days and so can everyone else who is thinking of losing weight.

In order for obesity to decrease around the world, children and grown ups should play outside or do activities that keeps them active for 30-60 minute workouts. For example, Senior Jose Gonzalez says to the people to never give up and push yourself. According to doctors, the suggest people to eat low-fat foods including fruits and vegetables. This leads to the conclusion that doctors want people all around the world to avoid foods that contain fats or just eat less of it.

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