November isn’t just about giving thanks, eating tons of food, and being with the family. It’s about spreading awareness of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health problems that affect men all around the world.

The Foundation Movember, also know as No Shave November, challenges men to grow out their mustache to raise awareness. Not only men participate in the fun activities of Movember, but women can also join them to. Women can either wear a fake mustache or even just encourage their guy friends on not shaving no matter how tempting it is. Spreading awareness will help people all around the world be noticed of the issue. By being noticed, people will want to take action on the problem.

One way you can take action is donating money to programs that are intended on helping men who are facing the problem. These programs help inform men about their health and make them gain knowledge on how to take care of themselves.

Here at APB, many teachers are participating in Movember activities. For example Mr. Villagomez, Mr. Daniels, and Ms. Siemientkowski are few of these teachers that are helping raise awareness here at our school. All the men are participating by not shaving their facial hair. For more information and to register for next year please go to

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