Thanksgiving is one of many holidays celebrated in the United States. The first ever celebrated thanksgiving was in the year of 1620, celebrated after a harsh winter. William Bradford governor during those times, proclaimed a day to be dedicated to thanksgiving. The colonists celebrated Thanksgiving with a traditional english harvest feast in which they invited the local Wampanoag Indians. Later in the 1800’s president Abraham Lincoln was in search  for a way to unite the citizens, so then discussed to Hale about Thanksgiving and how it will give effects towards uniting the people. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln, gave his Thanksgiving Proclamation in which officially made Thanksgiving a holiday that was celebrated every last Thursday of November. In the 1900’s President Franklin D. Roosevelt was in search to extend christmas shopping and the way this was accomplished was by changing the day that Thanksgiving is celebrated; Thanksgiving is celebrated on the third Thursday from November. Though many debates went on about the change and ended up as Thanksgiving celebrated every fourth Thursday of November in which till this day has remained.


The way in which many people celebrate Thanksgiving in the 21st century is quite similar to how the colonists celebrated the first Thanksgiving. In the 21st century many people have embraced the culture of Thanksgiving and have made it their own with a little touch of their culture. The colonists celebrated thanksgiving with many servings of food. Traditional foods that are served on the day of Thanksgiving are, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, and a variety of veggies. Although United States is a country of diverse cultures anyone is still able to participate in this unified holiday that brings a variety of families together.


In order to find some ideas of how people celebrate their Thanksgiving, we took the time to interview some teachers at APB. Ms. Hardings a spanish teacher in APB said that Thanksgiving for her is to, “relax with love ones, talk about beautiful moments with family and be thankful”. When asked the exact same question to one of the most talented history teacher, Mr.Snyder, he says, “ I spend time with my family and friends for Holidays, very relaxing”. Due to this we could infer that Thanksgiving is categorized as a moment in which is spend with family and is very relaxing. Further on we asked what is served when celebrating thanksgiving in their homes, Harding says, “ typical American food and of course the turkey”, while Snyder says, “traditional, stuffing, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, and no turkey since his wife is vegetarian”. Many people celebrate the day of Thanksgiving in a variety of different ways. Some may cook the turkey, others don’t, and others replace chicken with the turkey.


Therefore, you can say that thanksgiving is a very thankful and appreciate holiday because it gives you time to give thanks to the marvalists things you have and the great things that have happened to you throughout the year. For example, spending time with family,friends and people that love you.


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