The Tyranny of Testing

The days of the apocalypse have begun, the golden age has collapsed; its finals! Many people continue to argue wdownloadhether or not students are being tested too much by their teachers. Tests are frustrating, especially when it comes to the end of the year finals. The finals are tests that students prepare for, while they may have other work to worry about. Is it right to overwhelm students with testing to the boiling point? Most students frown in their seats as they are strapped in by their teachers mindlessly filling in bubbles for hours and hours.

Tests are intended to measure our knowledge and abilities, not so that they can kill us with many worries. Students take an average of 113 standardized test from their first day of Kindergarten to their last day of high school.  But when does it cross the line, are all tests really necessary?

Carlos Salazar, a 12th Grader.

Carlos Salazar, a 12th Grader.

Most students lose sleep studying late at night and end up scoring lower than if they have had slept earlier. Carlos Salazar, a senior, said, “I feel very fearful because tests can change your grade drastically.”  Tests such as finals end up replacing higher grades and students tend to score way lower than their average score. Making the whole semester a waste of dreadful time.

Karina Estevez, a freshmen    from Animo Pat Brown

Karina Estevez, a freshmen from Animo Pat Brown

The change in grades  always comes with more challenges and test taking. However 8th graders see this change clearly. karina Estevez, a freshmen, said, “ high school has lots of testing involved, in middle school it was only once a year”. These changes do not give students enough time to play video games or hang out with friends. Instead of enjoying our afternoon, students have to go home to complete homework or study for tests.

As a student it could be very stressing to prepare for an exam. With many tests we take throughout the year, one may feel that their strategy to prepare for a test is ineffective. The feeling of anxiety when a test is approaching

Daymond R. Johnson, school safety officer at Animo Pat Brown.

Daymond R. Johnson, school safety officer at Animo Pat Brown.

can be consequential, fortunately there are ways to win the battle. Daymond R. Johnson, the school safety officer at Animo Pat Brown said, “ Students do not know what they will be tested on, the best way to prepare for a test is to: get plenty of rest, eat apples, oranges, or pears for breakfast because you are what you eat.”  To be able to tame the anxiety  the exams comes with, it is recommended not to: procrastinate, cram the night before the exam, and to worry about past failure.


Therefore, one must be prepare and be confident if one wants to succeed. Remember you are what you eat, so eat a healthy snack before test taking, Gryphons. For more Detailed Articles Visit



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