The Holidays

At last, the holiday season has come! Its time to spend it with your loved ones and cherish all those joyous moments. It is the time for putting up the decorated Christmas tree, shopping for wonderful Christmas presents, and smelling the delicious food that will be set at the table. The holidays that are coming up are Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, and New Years.

Everyone loves the holidays! This is the time for vacations and no school! One big good news to all students. During vacation time there is a variety of things that can be done. Things like traveling, eating traditional foods, and even achieving goals! People are always  in a jolly mood when it comes to special family reunions. Although its the time to cherish those precious moments, in reality people are more interested in the food they are going to eat and the gifts they will be receiving.

Students and teachers from our school gave their own detailed experiences from their past holiday celebrations. They either had a similar or different response to each question. Junior Cristal Chavez says that during the holidays, her favorite thing to do is to be with her entire family. Cristal also mentioned that her family traditions were to be together with all her family in her grandma’s house and that they made foods such as tamales, posole and some delicious desserts.

Senior Pamela Gonzalez says that what she likes about the holidays is that all her family members get together at her house. She also says “Christmas for me is mostly the time to celebrate with family, although some people think its just for presents”.  Excitingly, Pamela says that all she wants for Christmas is to go to a Phora concert.

Sophomore Carlos Rodriguez, says that what he likes about the holidays is the fact that he gets a break to relax from school, but also some time to catch up on homework that one shouldn’t have left for last minute, and that having that extra time is always a good thing to have. Carlos says, “I’m not really too selective in my Christmas gifts, I go with anything they give me. I really don’t ask for a specific things. Most of the time I get music or something to mess around with for a couple of years¨.

Chemistry and Physics teacher, Ms. Roselman, was kind to share her side of what she thought about the holidays. Ms. Roselman says Christmas means that “Over the years its become more about family to me. Growing up I kind of took it for granted and you always see your siblings when you’re living in the same house together. And then when you start becoming an adult, people kinda start moving out of the house; you start having your own job and less time for family. So to me Christmas is a time where I can be with my loved ones and appreciate their time and that they’re still here”.

Most of us spend the Holiday’s with our family and others are not really picky when choosing gifts. What is your interpretation of Christmas Gryphons ? Please let us know in the comments below.


Cristal Chavez, Junior


Pamela Gonzales Senior


Carlos Rodriguez, Sophomore


Ms. Roselman ( physics & chemistry teacher)


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