Senior Electives for 2015

It’s second semester of junior year and many students are beginning to stress about what electives to choose from this semester. The options are Anatomy, Robotics, and possibly AP Chemistry. These electives are intended on helping students to strengthen their grade point average. While many students’ are stressing over what electives to choose from others are relaxing the days away. Many people don’t realize that by choosing the wrong elective it can impact your road to college. Here’s a brief explanation on what the classes are about and what future seniors think about them.


Anatomy is a college preparatory elective that prepare students for college. It exposes students who want to be Man_shadow_anatomyadvance in the medical field or want to deal with dissections. You must have a strong stomach and be able to handle blood well. Many Anatomy students have to read over 30 pages for homework. It can be overwhelming and stressful if you do not know how to manage your time. Anatomy students mainly focus on the human body and explore animal insides. If you can take anatomy make sure you can be able to take notes on your own and learn on your own.

We interviewed Monica Hernandez about why she chose to take anatomy in her upcoming school year, she said that she wants to go into anatomy because she wants to learn about the human body and a goal she said she had is to pass it with a high B. Shes excited to dissect the animals and hopes to gain experience.  We also interviewed Diana Oliva and she also said she was excited about the dissections and hopes she can gain experiences for her future major as a chemist.


Robotics is a college preparatory elective that prepares students to be successful in engineerdownloading in college. Students prepare for a competition with other schools. Students work in teams and are assign roles. Each year the Robotic class builds different robots with different functions. This class takes a lot of dedication and commitment. Students are require to be at school by six in the morning some days of the week. Students also have to stay after school to work on their robot.


We interviewed Sigifredo Soto about the elective Robotics and he seem to be amused by the subject. He explained how he wants to take robotics and how he wants to learn how to work with technology. When asked what was a goal for this class, he said “If I am in the class I hope to create a robot that will have an influence in the future”. Both Anatomy and robotics are great choices that will help you prepare for college.


For the first time in Animo Pat Brown, AP Chemistry is being offer to seniors. This is a very rigorous course that gives imagesstudents the opportunity to gain college credit.  APB chemistry teacher says, “AP Chemistry covers more content than regular Chemistry. This course goes more in depth”. Unfortunately, not every senior will be able to take this course, “ Although you do not need Calculus material to take this course, it is require to take AP Calculus in senior year in order to take AP Chemistry.” Hector Flores, a Junior at APB, says, “ I plan on taking AP Chemistry next year because this class will go in depth and will prepare me for college.”Anyone who is able to take AP Chemistry should take this class because this is a great opportunity to gain college credit and prepare you for college.

Not every student will be able to take the class of their choice. If you decide to take Robotics, Anatomy, or AP Chemistry they are all good choices that will help you prepare for college.

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