Is it too Early to Plan your Summer?

By: Manuel Cortez and Ronaldo Valencia

Although it may seem to early to start planning what to do over your summer, it is not. Believe it or not, it may be a little late to do what you really wanted. We think summer is a time to go to the beach and relax. Actually, it is more like staying in bed all day. This summer we should actually do something that will benefit us. You can apply for a summer program at a university, get an internship, or get a job.images

There are thousands of colleges that offer high school students the chance to obtain college credit or give students college experience. Attending a summer program gives students a head start of applying to college, and also prepares them for the rigorous life in college. The application process can be very stressing. A senior in Animo Pat Brown, Sam Ramirez says,” it is very difficult to apply because it can be very difficult to find the right fit. However, it can give you experience for when you apply to college or a job later on in life.” A college that gives students the opportunity to  attend a summer program is the UCLA Engineering Center for excellence in Engineering and Diversity. This summer program is offer to students at no cost. However, students are required to find their transportation to and from the University of California of Los Angeles.

Another option for high school students is to do an internship over the summer. An internship is similar to a job, just you madownloady not be paid. Internships can help high school students determine if the career they seek is what they want to pursue. For example, lets say a student plans on becoming a veterinarian and decides to get an intern. That internship will help the student experience the responsibilities of a veterinarian. There are many internship that are being offer to students. If you want an internship you should  not procrastinate. Most internships have deadlines. For a list of internships in Los Angeles or abroad go to: Intermatch.

Today, there are many jobs that offer students the chance to earn some money. You can worimages (1)k at a fast food restaurant, or at your local library. You will experience the responsibilities of a job. There are many benefits on getting a job. For instance, you can start saving money for college.  To find a job near you go to Groove Job.

Although there are many jobs, internships, or summer college programs it could be overwhelming to apply to one. We recommend that you do not procrastinate on applying.

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