College Tours for Juniors

Kayla Michel, student at APB.

Kayla Michel, student at APB.

Candie Cortez, student at APB.

Candie Cortez, student at APB.


A campus that juniors will be visiting.

The 11th grade college field trip is a tour that most juniors attend to explore colleges outside of the Los Angeles area.

The juniors are given the opportunity to pick between either tour one or tour two. Both of these tours have magnificent colleges but it all just depends on which choice benefits you the most. Tour one gives the opportunity to visit UC Merced, University of the Pacific, UC Santa Cruz, and Fresno State. While tour two gives you the opportunity to visit UC Santa Cruz, UC Santa Barbara, CSU Monterey Bay, and Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

However, this year there will only be one tour and that is tour number two.The college tour is on April 12, 2015- April 14, 2015. This year the supervisors that are going with the juniors are Mr. Mendoza, Mrs. Yokota, and Mrs. Reyes.

Here at Animo Pat Brown they help students prepare for college and their future. They give students the opportunities to engage more in preparing themselves for college. Some ways that APB helps students get everything set up for college is by having these trips. College tours will later have a significant impact on our decision on which colleges we would like to apply to. Especially for juniors because it provides them with an idea of which colleges benefits them the most.  Kayla Michel, junior at APB, said, “I’m looking forward to seeing new colleges and getting the opportunity to see what it’s like to live at college. This trip will impact my decision on picking a college by helping me to conclude what I am looking forward to in a college and if I want to live at home or on campus.”

However, not all juniors are eligible to attend. There is a certain GPA that you have to achieve in order to go. This is due to a limited amount of spots saved for those specific students. Students who have worked hard on obtaining good grades are finally going to be rewarded. Candie Cortez, junior at APB, was invited to attend this tour. Candie said, “I’m excited for the 11th grade trip! I’m really looking forward to visiting beautiful campuses and getting informed about how each university’s system works. I’m looking forward to seeing how big the classrooms are and also knowing how diverse each university is. I believe that the college trip will impact my decision on which college I would want to go to.” Juniors let us know which colleges benefits you the most?

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