Durst Arrested For Murder

Robert Durst, a rich billionaire who was arrested on Monday for the killing of his friend and his wife’s disappearance was arrested in a hotel located in New Orleans, which the agents believe to found a possible connection to the evidence that has led back to the 2000 assassination of Susan Berman. Durst has been charged with first degree murder and possibly be facing the death penalty. HBO presented a documentary called “The Jinx”, which mainly focused on Durst. The movie was a documentary was based on a true crime.


Durst was going to talk to the investigators about his wife’s disappearance, but nobody was able to prove he was the one who had murder her. It turned out to be, he had admitted that he was involved in the shooting and disappearance of his neighbor, Susan Berman, which had led him to the confessing of his wife’s death. Mireya Gutierrez, a senior APB, said that “he should be punished because something like this should be forgiven for”. Before the confession, he had denied that there was any involvement of himself during the death of his wife or the neighbor. But, during the documentary, Durst at the end stated that “killed them all, of course”.This occurred when Durst thought his microphone on, but in reality it wasn’t. Those words later on began to link to Durst’s life and the deaths.


During court, they discussed the disappearance of his wife and this occurred when his wife was on her way to the medical school she was attending at in New York and when all of a sudden she disappeared. Marcella Barajas, A senior APB, said that “ Durst will be the first suspect after the disappearance, since some of the evidence added up”. This all happen during the year of 1982. The disappearance of the Berman was a complex case because they didn’t have any evidence to arrest him, but they was something similar to the letter sent to the police. Berman’s stepson had a letter from Durst that his mother had. He says that the handwriting is so similar as he was telling a journalist for The Daily Beast. Also, it looked like they have dropped the case in the past, but I believe they were waiting for the moment for everything to add up. So, they can get enough evidence to bust him for the murders he’s caused. It seemed like if it was perfectly timed for the evidence to add up and it all happened at the final of the documentary.


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