Social Media being an addiction

   Can Social Media be addictive among others? No one actually knows the answer to this question because some people might say it is not addictive to them but others might say they are. Some studies has been said that it can be a risk if you’re too addicted because it can cause symptoms. Some symptoms can be that you have the urge to engage into the social media another can be that you can feel bad that you’re left out even if you hadn’t been online for an hour. On the other hand not all people can actually not be so addicted. Researchers said that it can be a sign of depression that makes you want to keep logging into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat e.t.c., just so you can see other people’s lives and what they been up to and feel bad for yourself. There is also is a risk to being attached to  the social media and you might wonder “ why can’t I log off?” or “why am I back here if I just logged off 5 minutes ago?”, “I’m going to delete my account … never mind i’m bored”, “Let me just check something real quick, then i’ll do homework” and so on. Well, if you said yes to all of these  then there might be a huge risk that you are addicted to social media.  images (1)

Since now and days social media is becoming a big part of our lives because we use it for school, work and other essential things like communicating with our loved ones. The media has influence our daily lives and they’re are positive and negative effects to this. We are living in the time where technology is big right now, making it as if it were an important part of our everyday life. The positive effects of social media is that everyone is connected now and days and now have contact with one another (people around the world). Also we are able to share experiences with our friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Snapchat and stay connected all the time.

social media addicitionThe negative effects of it is that it can be addicting and now and days you meet people in a screen instead of face to face which can be very unsafe since you don’t know them personally. It is also known the media doesn’t make you any smarter. It can affect some brain cells in the brain and effectively hurt the human eyes.

Many students have a say in this controversial problem. Junior, Jose Diaz said, “ Yes I think social media is addicting because people don’t pay attention to do homework while being on the phone.” As for others people don’t know they are addicted to social media because for them its a daily thing and it seems normal that they are logged on with no problem. People can log into the media whenever they want because of the advanced technology but it depends how many times the people actually log in throughout the day. So the students and teacher from APB was asked so Ms. Roselman said, “ Once half an hour”. A Junior Jose Diaz said, “ I be in Snapchat all day”, proof that he is addicted to social media without even picture

There are ways that can help you from being addicted to the social media you should just log off and enjoy life outside of a screen. Go out with friends have a great time outdoors and also with family like go to a park ,movies, and actually do your homework.

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