New School Year Brings New Student Council and with it New Goals


New Student Council hopes to start where last year left off and improve school dances, school spirit, and school activities this year at APB.

Student Council is in charge of all activities such as dances and lunch time activities that occur throughout the year here at Animo Pat Brown.

Each year with a new student council, comes a new set of goals.

“Our goal is to promote school spirit, bring APB together as a community,” said Amanda Garcia in her third year as student council adviser, “and be effective communicators to organize events that will make APB a better environment.”

Last year, student council hosted dances and lunch time activities. This year they hope to accomplish and have more student participation.

“We always want to better the events, but we also need student participation to make these events successful,” said Garcia.

The biggest challenge that student council faces each year is figuring out what the students want.

One issue that students have is with the music.

“Putting better music that is not repeated would help make the school dances more fun,” said Yanet Cortez, a sophomore at Animo Pat Brown.

Oscar Chavez, a sophomore, is not only asking for better dances, but more lunch time activities.

A lot of students seem to be pushing for better dances, but people forget that students need to be involved and participate

IMAG0168_1“I think there should be more games or contests between all grades so that more people get involved and have fun,” said Lucy Venegas, an Animo Pat brown senior. “In dances, students council should create games like they do every assembly so that students can become more comfortable with people outside their grade levels.”

“If I was a member of student council, I would persuade my peers to think of what they’re representing and to demonstrate their school spirit as best as they can,” said Lucy

It’s important to remember students have the power to help improve these events be more lively and create better school spirit, not only that but to create memorable high school experiences like Ms.Garcia said, in order to get better events, more student participation is needed.


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