Fighting Boredom

By: Diana Aceves, Alexis Sanchez, Carlos Samayoa, David Padilla, and David Garcia

Stress, drudgery, and commitment are all present in school, but Animo Pat Brown has more to offer. Animo Pat Brown Clubs can cater to your many needs, whether it be academic or not. APB offers Guitar Club for the music enthusiasts, It provides sports such as: Basketball, Soccer, and Cheer/dance for those who enjoy friendly competition, thrill, and many more.

Returning clubs are as follows: Guitar Club, SRLA, Literary magazine, nerd club, arc leadership, yearbook club, and Go Green Club. It might be too late for some to join SRLA,  a meeting was held for  those who wanted to join. Don’t be alarmed though we have other sporty activities, such as the soccer club and basketball club.

Chelsie Zavala, a junior at Animo Pat Brown, has joined the Youth Business Alliance, SRLA, Mock Trial, and Planned Parenthood.  She joined planned parenthood to be a peer advocate for others.

“I signed up for SRLA because I wanted to get fit,” said Chelsie Zavala, “Running the marathon would be a huge accomplishment for myself.”

Adolfo Armigo, a sophomore at Animo Pat Brown,  is also in SRLA. He joined SRLA because he’s physically active, and Adolfo has been preparing for the marathon by running six miles non-stop at the park.

Other sports Animo Offers are basketball and soccer this is offered to boys ands girl too. Basketball will meet up Wednesdays and Fridays. Soccer will meet up for boys on every Tuesday and Thursday for girls Monday and Wednesday. 

If you’re looking for something that is less physically active we have Girls who code, sadly this is only for the opposite gender. Don’t worry though, APB offer Computer technology for both genders.

Another club that APB offers is nerd club. Andrew Mendoza, a current Animo Pat Brown math teacher, hosts the nerd club which meets 2 days out of the week, Mondays and Wednesdays. Some activities in the club include playing video games and watching anime.

Sergio Sanchez , a senior at Animo Pat Brown, is currently in nerd club.

Sergio said nerd club is, “more or less about playing games and having fun, you can go to talk to people or do your homework.”

He enjoys nerd club because he is able to socialize and learn about others.  

Even Though APB offers a variety of clubs, there are still some that others want.

Mendoza said that he would, “love to have a science club” that discusses scientific news.

Sergio would like to have and art club and believes it would keep students out of trouble.


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