High School Students Are Working Too Hard for School

High School Students Are Working Too Hard for School

By: Cindy Gonzalez and Jasmin Corona


High School students have been pushed to take Advance Placement courses and do many extracurricular activities. But do students feel pressured or overwhelmed by working so hard in school? In high school, students need to work much harder because college is just around the corner. Students should be prepared for college and what work they’ll be expecting from professors. But do they really need to feel the pressure so early in high school? Many students have lack of sleep because they focus so much time on school and homework it creates stress upon them. Student’s get so stressed out it causes them to have severe anxiety. Many kids on a regular are getting they’re getting five hours and that endangers their mental and physical health (Today’s Exhausted Superkids). Many high school students can relate to this situation.

The students of APB can certainly attest to this. This feeling of overwhelmed, stress, depression, and anxiety all starts the minute you step into the campus the first day. Of course this ongoing effort our teachers ask us to put in is all preparing students for college-level curriculum. But do the teachers take time to think about the work they assign to us? The amount of work assigned leaves these students overworked, exhausted, and stressed. Certain classes assign more work than others and expect us to complete all their work on top of the rest of the classes the students have. Are they really preparing us for college-level assignments? Or are these teachers overworking students on purpose?

It’s important that students are not overly stressed on school work because it can affect their health. And really, who wants to dread going home because you have more work to do? “Today’s Exhausted Superkids” goes on to say “Are so hyped and stressed…fraction of the rest they need” (Bruni). The lack of sleep affects students’ health and everyday activities. These high school students will lack interest in what they’re doing. This can affect the teachers because this lack of sleep can cause the students to fall asleep in class and stay behind in their work due to the substantial amounts they already have. Why are they making everything so difficult? It’s understandable that they’re doing this to improve our skills and prepare us for life in the real world as we leave high school but teachers, have some sympathy for your students. We are struggling to keep up with this work!


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