Upcoming Dia de Los Muertos Dance


By Jennifer Lopez and Erik Reyes     

The years seem to be cutting shorter and shorter every day, with upcoming events being produced by Student Council´s Spirit Committee. Some of the more known events that Student Council makes are the School Dances. The first dance of the year, Night in Paradise, kicked off with a success; now, Student Council´s spirit Committee is wiping the next dance up for November 6, 2015, the week after Halloween and in the spirit of Halloween they’re going with a Dia de Los Muertos theme. Last year, Student Council offered the same theme, but what will they do this year to bring it over the top?

Of course, no Dia de Los Muertos dance would ever be complete without face painting, it seems like a expectancy for students to want their faces painted into a half skull in order to really get into the spirit of the Mexican Holiday and theme.

Night in Paradise was successful with attracting students. More students got into the their ¨groves¨ and had fun more than any previous dance which brings high hopes!

Student Council always wants to improve school activities for students to get the most of their experience. Jasmin Corona, a fellow APB Journalist, writer of Night In Paradise: Success or Failure?, interviewed Josue Palacios, who clarified that one of the issues that Night In Paradise was the music and how he couldn’t get into the “zone.”

Alberto Zuniga, a senior at APB mentioned that a thing he disliked from the dance was that “the DJ did not play the songs we suggested.” He didn’t really like the music that was played at the dance which didn’t allow him to feel “turnt.”Student Council became aware of the issue and is in the progress of fixing it in order to satisfy students need to get in their zones. Luis Sotelo, APB President, said that they will be getting a new DJ for this upcoming dance, so make sure to give your opinions on the new DJ.

School President,  senior Luis Sotelo said that if you are “Scared of clowns? Scared of the dark? Scared of narrow hallways? Then you will want to check out the maze to face your fear.” He exposes that this year’s haunted house will in fact be scary and fits into students expectations.

For the Dia de Los Muertos Dance Student Council is going all out. For those of us that don’t like to get down on the dance floor, Student council for the first time will be offering a maze and other activities such as Loteria. What?! Shocking right? Now for those scare junkies, you can grab your friends and head into a path of uncertainty or even test Student Council’s scariest!

“I am expecting to get scared, for there to be obstacles and people popping out to scare us” said Lucy Venegas, a senior at APB. As it appears students at APB want to get scared and according to Luis they can be sure they will get a fright out of them.

It’s important to remember students have the power to help improve these events, be more lively and create a better school spirit, not only that but to create memorable high school experiences.

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