Black Friday 2015

By: Jasmin Corona & Cindy Gonzalez

November 27th is black Friday, the day where stores have crazy sales and are opened at midnight until the following morning. This event is filled outrageous deals and prices and is the main reason why people attend this event. This is the time where you are able to purchase items that are not affordable, like TV’s, new cell phones, and gaming consoles. People are so crazy about Black Friday that they sacrifice their Thanksgiving dinner to camp outside of these stores.

However, this is a different generation. This time around people would rather save their gas and shop for deals online. This can be a more efficient way to shop if you are trying to avoid people and the chaos that goes around during this time.

It can be controversial whether to shop online or physically be present at the store sale. APB teacher, Ms. Roselman said that her black friday experience was terrible “It was crowded and I didn’t end up getting anything”. She added, “I rather go online because it gets crazy”.

APB teacher, Mr. Mendoza, had a good experience. He said,” I got an xbox for my brother a couple years ago that was my first and last time going to Black Friday”. He added , “ I rather shop online because it’s more convenient”.  They both decided to not go this year and to shop online.

APB sophomore, Jocelyn Lemus, on the other hand has never been to Black Friday. She states that, “it gets out of control and people get to violent”. But she adds that she would want to attend this year and hopes it won’t get out of hand.

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