Recent Weather Change

By Michelle

Winter is around the corner which means a big weather change. Los Angeles has already began to experience the cold weather with hard winds recently.

Students here at Animo Pat Brown have started to prepare for the cold weather. Students have begun wearing gloves, scarves, and big warm sweaters to keep warm.

Many students have experienced the impact of this drastic climate change. Because winter is around the corner, the days are now shorter and the nights are longer and colder.

A unanimous sophomore here in APB said, ”I have bought multiple sweaters and gloves”.

Due to this drastic climate change it is a good idea to have a warm sweater and warm clothes in handy. Although somedays it can be warm and sunny, other days in the same week it can get very windy or cold. It would be a good idea to be prepared just in case it is cold.

Many students like going inside the school rather than being outside in the cold.

A student at Animo Pat Brown said, ”I usually go inside since its warm inside”.

Because it is nearly winter, students  should prepare to have cold and windy days nearly everyday.

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