More Single Woman that Married

By: Cassie Rodas and Leonides Martinez

During the medieval times, marriage was quite different from today. For the most part, women did not have a choice if they wanted to get marry or not. They did not even know who they were going to get marry with and they also did not have the opportunities that many have today. However, men were the ones who decided who they wanted to be their bride and the bride did not have a choice. Today marriage is different from before. Back in the day, marriage was not based on love but based on economic arrangement. The arrangement was made most of the time by the children’s parents.

Divorce , Seperation , Couple , Argument , Lawyer ,People are still getting married but there are a lot more who prefer to be single. America Hidalgo, an 11th grader, states, “I would wait until I am like 30 or 33 because I want to enjoy life.” Now that women are given more opportunities such as careers and travel, they decide that marriage can wait for when they wish to settle down. Many know that having a relationship is a full time job and if it’s a marriage it’s typically a life time job. Katy Bruski, an English and AP literature teacher, discusses how some people would hesitate on getting married due to the struggles, “People see how difficult marriage is so they wait  and some may see their friends get divorced so it makes them want to wait or just not get married at all.” Relationships cause problems and stress so some would prefer to just leave it for later in order to live freely and happily in their lives.

I-DO-Marriage-SeriesAs stated before, children’s parent would make arrangements about who their child would get
married to. Ms. Bruski said “Some people got marry because of custom and financial support.”  This illustrates how women in the past had no voice for themselves since parents would make most of the decisions for them. If parents did not take decision for their daughter in who they would marry there is a possibly that they would have got marry later in life when they feel it was the right time. Getting married is a huge step in someone life it the time when both partners start to know each other in a intimate level.

However, time has change since the past now people are raised differently. Today, people have a voice for themselves and when and what time they want to get marry. Women do not get marry so earlier in their life because they want more independent and to do something with their life before having to get marry. Now, people tend to get marry because they are in love and not for financial support. Both America and Ms.Bruski felt that people should wait until their 30’s in order to get married. Ms. Bruski explains her thought by saying, “In your 20’s, you are figuring things out. When you hit your 30’s, you know who you are, what kind of person you would want to be with and what kind of person you wouldn’t want to live your life with.” America also expresses this idea by saying that is would be much easier and better to wait, “People should wait after college because at this point, women’s careers and life are set.”

marriage-2There is now a huge gap between single and married people. More women and deciding that they no longer want to be married. Now that there has been a drastic change on how women are treated, such as career, college, and traveling opportunities, woman feel more superior among themselves and decide that they would much rather be independent and live their life than to be with someone who may change it all around in a negative way that they did not expect. Due to all the changes, it isn’t surprising that this change has raised to the surface. Men are seen as more abusive and disrespectful so women now prefer to step out of that tradition and take their life and safety into their own hands.

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