Free Prom Dresses


By Leslie Reyes & Joanna Juarez

For 8 years The Prom Closet has allowed low income girls to chose from 2,000 dresses and accessories.

Many of these dresses are donated from local boutiques and designers.

Each year the number of dresses increases with the number of girls taking part of this. Many of them come from out of state in hopes of finding the perfect prom dress for that perfect night.

Prom is a night where everyone tries to dress as best as possible because it is one of the nights that will be remembered forever.

It is a night when girls are out to feel beautiful, where girls finally come out of that fear and take up the courage to dress out of the ordinary. They try to connect their dress to their theme with colors and different rhinestone patterns.

Art teacher, Paul Botello, heard about this program on the news and said that it was a good program for girls to take part of.

“Girls shouldn’t be wasting so much money on a dress that they are only going to wear once. They should go to Forever 21 or H&M and spend $100-$125 a dress that they will actually wear again” He said.

While Chemistry teacher, Melissa Roselman, explained that Prom is a very important at this age and if they find this something good to invest their money in then  it is worth the expense. She continued and said that even though it is important for girls in this age they should consider when else they would be able to get use of what they are buying to plan to use for that day.

Senior, Lucy Venegas, explained how excited she was for her upcoming prom. She said that she was planning to go to two proms and was excited to get two different dresses and investing in all that she planning to use for that day. “It is worth it. This will be your last time to spend time with your friends before they all go their separate ways” she said.

This program is a good idea for many girls who are not able to get their own dresses. It is a good opportunity and a way for families to save money before their greatest expense comes up which is college.