Club Day at Animo Pat Brown

Club Day at Animo Pat Brown

By Angelica Cortes, Bryan Coreas, Anthony Ramirez, and Laura Herrera

Here at Animo Pat Brown charter high school we focus on creating a well rounded student, one that will be able to go to colleges such as Harvard and UCLA and a big part of being a well rounded student is being able to put extracurricular activities on your application. Clubs help students develop skills that can potentially help them become a more productive person. At APB we have a day dedicated to helping students learn of all the programs the school has to offer.

What happens during a club day? A normal club day takes place in the school’s lunch area at around 11:25am when students are going out to eat. In the small field club leaders set up booths where they hand out flyers and attempt to convince people to join their club. There are about 20 clubs set up with the goal of allowing students to discover a club that they will enjoy.

After interviewing students, we found that each one had different opinions on what type of clubs they want to join. Kevin Hernandez, 9th grade, said he would like to join Students Run L.A and Nerd Club because ,”I like playing video games and want to start running”.


We later interviewed a student in the tenth grade, George Lopez. He claimed that he was in the Nerd Club and had been in it since last year, he also reported that the reason he joined nerd club was because he liked to play video games and like to watch anime as well. Gisle Lezama, 11th grader has joined several clubs in the past, which include; Guitar, Go Green Club, and Nerd Club. Gisle said,”I want to join the Book club, Arts and Crafts, and the LGBT club”. Although she wishes to join those clubs, she also wants to join previous clubs she has joined because she enjoyed them and they are interesting.


Resource Specialist Teacher,Ms.Wu informed us about the club that she is going to be leading called Gay-Straight Alliance. Ms.Wu said “I used to do it a few years ago and I enjoyed it.” She explained her story based on why she decided to run that specific club.


With the large variety of clubs that the school has to offer, everyone can find something they enjoy and help them get into prestigious colleges. There are clubs devoted to helping the students become more social and learn about their culture which include clubs such as the Boy’s mentorship group. Therefore, we all have different interests and during this day many students come together and meet new people while signing up.


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