Battlefield 1

By Anthony Estevez And Bryan Coreas

Battlefield is one of the biggest video game franchise that has been in competition with the Call of Duty franchise since 2003 and it is taking a completely different approach to fps than cod. In this new installment, Battlefield is taking it back to ww1 unlike cod who is focusing on the future warfare. Overall the people’s opinion is clearly leaning towards battlefield 1 who has one of the most liked game trailers on YouTube with 2 million likes while cod infinite warfare has one of the most disliked videos on YouTube with 3 million dislikes. 

Battlefield 1 beta was open to the public during the week of August 31 to September 8 2016. EA released an announcement in which they stated that the beta reached 13.2 million players. It being a beta it wasn’t without its fair share of glitches and during the first couple of days the beta was out there were many problems with finding a match then the servers were shut down for 15 hours. After the fixing of the bugs the game was experiencing the general public was really enjoying the new take on warfare. The game went one to being a really successful beta like the previous betas released by EA.

Some new features that the game included were things such as the bayonet charging, mustard gas and even horses! Battlefield 1 contains a new featured setting and environment that is affected through the game play which makes each play through different. The setting of battlefield 1 is placed upon The Great War/WW1 in which you are placed in an intense battleground that has tanks and horses on the ground with fighter planes in the air. A new game mode that has been added is one that includes a Zeppelin(huge blimp) which is very interactive with the players and environment. Although the game play mechanics have stayed the same it feels like a new game with a bunch of historical references. The nature and how the weather changes is all projected in the game for example during the game you will see sunny skies but then rain can begin to pour on the battlefield. The addition of real weather in the game is a big positive and a big step towards more realistic games.


It’s just a beta, battlefield 1 is honestly a realistic feeling type of game that makes you want to play it even more. Whats sets this game apart is that it has a much more different take on online battle than cod because it has much bigger maps with more players. Battlefield 1 is set to have one of the biggest game releases in its gaming history on October 21 for Xbox One and PS4.


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