Grade Levels Perspective on Finals

By: Jenifer Serrano
As finals week has arrived, many seniors are stressing out meanwhile freshman’s are about to take their first finals. Students tend to stay up late doing homework and studying for their finals the next day. But what do freshman’s think about finals and how do seniors think finals has helped them throughout the years they’ve been here.

Although every person thinks differently about finals, some might take them seriously while others might not, finals tend to have an impact on students here at APB. I questioned Erika Ramirez, a current freshman at APB, how it feels to take finals for the first time and she responded with, “I’m stressed and scared because what if I don’t pass them….especially since we only get a certain amount of time.” While some freshman’s are taking finals seriously, seniors are stressed out to the max. APB senior, Jasmine Perez says, “I don’t feel determined, it gives you anxiety at the moment. You just can’t think at all, you tend to have thoughts about if you’re going to fail or pass the class but mostly fail.” As senior year is coming to an end for most seniors, seniors are giving it their all in their finals in order to be able to graduate on time.

As I questioned APB senior, Brian Hernandez, how he feels about finals, he responded, “I feel that finals are both annoying but yet necessary components for our grade and the teacher.” Meaning that finals are supposed to show how much you have learned and understood the subject throughout the year. Although freshman’s have a different mindset from seniors, finals are going to be preparing freshman’s for college and helping them improve their knowledge throughout the years they’re at APB.

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