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By:Felix Pacheco

Drones are a huge advancement to our future. They are very often used by Youtubers to take shots of the sky view in their blogs or normal videos to have good content. Drones could also produce a very beautiful view when you look in the sky. This is because drones have also been used to create an array of synchronized lights and a show in the sky. An example of this is Disneyland’s Star Bright holidays light show. They program much smaller drones to go up in the sky to move into different orders and produce images in the sky as if they were stars in the sky that magically line up to produce certain images. Disneyland isn’t the only place in where this is done as in the latest super bowl, the United States flag was in drawn in the sky with drones. Drones are very useful and for that reason, at times, they are used for negative purposes. Drones have an advanced system that allows you to follow people or orbit in a certain area. Because of this, there has been many cases in where drones stalk people or trespass private property. There has been cases in where neighborhoods have spied other neighbors and the one getting spied on, fires at the drone in the sky with a gun. This has gone to such an extent that there had to be a device made that takes these drones down via the radio connection that the drones have. Even though those devices could only be used by law enforcement, if they were available to public, I don’t think anyone would buy it. The device is pricey and heavy. Drones will just keep on incorporating into daily activities. Drones are even in the process of being our mailmen, as Amazon has been testing and programing drones to bring packages to people’s homes. In all, drones will keep on incorporating themselves to our daily lives.

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