APB Carnival

APB Carnival


It’s the end of the school year and the annual school carnival is coming up. This is a day the students really look towards to because not only are the classes shorter but they get to enjoy food, music and games with their friends. This years carnival is on Friday May the 19th, half the day the students will go to their 4th, 5th and 6th period classes and the second half of the day after lunch the carnival will begin. It seems that each year the carnival gets better and better with last years carnival being a huge success the expectations for this year are high.

This year many students came in free dress or fancy attire the day of the carnival giving the day a fun and comfortable feel. Everything began with the wondering eyes during lunch when all the students began to see what was set up for the carnival. There was a variety of food to choose from free raspados,popcorn and cotton candy to buying tacos, pupusas, pizza, hotdogs, flautas, cake pops, chips and different drinks like soda, aqua fresca and water. For some students the food was actually their favorite part of the carnival this was the case of Senior Natalie Navarro who stated that,” the food was good and there was a lot of variety”. This years carnival had different games than the ones we are usually accustomed to and what really caught people’s attention is that there were actually prizes to be one.

Even though the students and teachers do enjoy a day where they don’t really have to worry about academics but just have fun with one another some may wonder what is the purpose of the carnival. Everyone has a different interpretation on what the purpose of the carnival is P.E teacher Mr.Brown believes the purpose of the carnival is “the school way of celebrating a good year and is a way to give back to the students”. Senior Natalie Navarro has her own idea and it’s that the purpose of the carnival is” to be able to bond with people”. Overall the carnival was a success with many students engaged in the games and with a variety of food to choose from.


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