The Brick in Between me & my Family

By: Marlene Cazarez, Paola Rodriguez, and Erika Tejada

Can you imagine living in a real world Springfield? Imagine having a 50 foot wall dividing one country from another. A wall that would divide you and your family. A wall that will make it even more difficult for people travelling from South America or Mexico to enter the United States. Well on Tuesday the 22nd, Donald Trump stated that he is determined to follow through with his plan of building the wall across the U.S and Mexican border even if it requires to close down the government. During Donald Trump’s campaigns he promised that if he became the president he would build the wall and make Mexico pay. Now instead of having Mexico pay for it he wants to close down our government to get the sufficient funding that he needs. The wall would cost up to $8 billion to $10 billion. The reason behind him wanting to do this is to prevent illegal immigrants from coming into this country; him as well as his supporters believe that immigrants are taking away American jobs, are criminals, and are impacting the U.S negatively.

Animo Pat Brown consists of 97% of hispanic students. Trumps pledge to follow through with the wall would affect all the students, either directly or indirectly. The first mention of the wall took place during Trump’s presidential campaign. Although some of the students believed that it wouldn’t be possible to close down the government there were some teachers that believed it would be possible and affect us negatively if Trump followed through. US History teacher Mr. Sandoval said, “the actual thing [wall] would be so STUPID and the people who are actually going to build it are illegal immigrants.” He also said that it wouldn’t be beneficial to any Americans because we’d have to pay for it. When interviewing freshmen, Anthony Garcia, he stated, “Everyone should be accepted. Even if they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, Mexican or whatever. It shouldn’t matter”. He believes it to be not possible for the wall to be built because it is our country and he can’t do whatever he wants. The majority of students interviewed agreed that the other branches of the government would not allow nor provide funding for the wall. Senior, Ilse Bravo, said “ It would depend because it’s just not the president it’s also the judical and congress, so it’s kinda hard but anything is possible.”


We would have to wait to see what happens. But if the wall is actually built it will have a big impact in many people like the students in APB. Some student are undocumented or have parents or family that are undocumented as well. To add on, some students have family members that are trying to pass the border due to many reasons such as not receiving the same opportunities as you would receive here in the United States. Overall, the wall will be just a reminder that they can not pass because they are not wanted here since everyone has a negative perspective on Hispanics.

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