U.S Bombing on Syria

By: Jesus Avina, Alan Gutierrez, Julio Ibarra


On April 18, 2018, the United States, United Kingdom and France all launched missiles towards Syria. These countries claim that wanted to destroy Syria’s missile base in response to Syria launching chemical missiles against their own people, causing many deaths. Russia had warned the United States, United Kingdom and France that if they launched missiles to Syria, Russia will make sure the three countries pay. The consequence that Russia threatened is still unknown. President Donald Trump states that the missile strikes were a success in hitting Syria’s missile base. Could this be the beginning of World War 3? What will be the consequence that Russia is planning for the three countries?

Chemistry teacher Ms.Roselman was surprised about the news, so we asked her on her thoughts on the planned bombing, she stated, “The first and second day that we came back, I heard some students in the back of my class talking about a bombing on Syria, as well as a civil war going on.”  Ms.Roselman voiced her concern about the children and innocent people who are suffering and affected by the civil war.

Ms. Roselman then wen on to recommend we speak History teacher Mr. Sandoval as she believed he had much on the topic. So we took her suggestion and after asking him a variety of questions he responded with, “It makes me sad. But also I’m not surprised by it because I know Donald Trump’s presidency is coming to an end because he might of broken a law. So I feel like he was looking for something to distract people with.” He responded to our questions with deep understanding statements due to his knowledge on current events. We then went on to ask, 

What do you think is the most common consequences the U.S. will face after their actions?

He responded with, “There aren’t going to be any consequences in the U.S., I don’t think anyone is gonna hold us accountable… our soldiers maybe attacked by terrorist groups for what we did… but I don’t think Russia will attack us with military actions but will probably politically move or economically move by not selling or trading products with us.” This was a new perspective as most thought that the U.S. would face some kind of repercussion, but he gave other intimidating possibilities.

P.E. teacher Mr. Cieply stated “Well I felt like there should of been a response to the chemical bombs in Syria because it’s really scary and what they are capable of doing.” Mr. Cieply also stated, “I think the consequence is that we become more heavily invested in the war. The more we bomb, the harder it will be for us to pull out of Syria.” He feels that the more of a response we do, the harder it will be for us to not be involved. Mr. Cieply believed that Russia will not attack us but probably will attack our troops in Syria. Cieply quoted “Don’t dropping bombs drop knowledge” “BOOM”.



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