Food Calories in America

By: Alan Gutierrez, Jesus Avina, Julio Ibarra

On May 14, a policy has been passed that forces restaurants to show how much nutrition and calories their product has. This is beneficial towards people who are deciding to eat healthy or if they are just curious to see how much calories and nutrition their food has. Will people be making a healthier choice, or will people just ignore it and still continue to get what they always order? By having this law, it will make people think twice before they order their next quarter pounder from McDonald’s.

This law that is now being applied in all fast food chains is very critical for America and its current health issues. America’s second leading cause of preventable death is obesity partly being to the current trends that are popular to fast food restaurants and unhealthy lifestyles. This can be a life changing situation because people might change their minds after seeing the enormous amount of calories that each meal has.

As we interviewed P.E teacher Mr.Cieply we asked him “When you go out to eat what do you usually eat, and do you check the calories? He replied, ” Once I went to a mexican restaurant and got a huge burrito and it was covered in sauce. I didn’t check the calories but I am aware that the restaurants serve high calorie foods as well as high sodium foods. I don’t pay much attention to the calories that are served and I still eat there.”

In conclusion, food calories will be an effective way to reduce people from eating unhealthy. Now people can check how many calories their food contains with the new law that the government passed. Although it is in the person’s decision to either continue getting healthy or unhealthy food to eat at any restaurant.


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