Why does animal cruelty continue to happen?

If you own an animal, you would know that they mean more to us than just a pet. The link between us and our pets goes beyond love and companionship. Bonds between an animal and their owner is similar to that of a parent and a baby. Animals show loyalty, adoration, and union towards their owners. Yet, so many animals are abandoned and left to survive on their own. Others, have to live a life of abuse and neglection.

To begin, as of 2018, there are approximately 70 million stray animals in America. As time goes on, the number of stray animals in the streets will continue to rise. The main species of animals we see so commonly being cats and dogs. No matter where you go, you will always see a stray dog or cat filthy and underfed. So, why are so many of these animals homeless? How did they end up alone and with no one to care for them? Almost every homeless animal you see, had a home before. The main reason why they are left homeless is pet abandonment. Many people who buy animals later decide they are an inconvenience and get rid of them. Instead of taking them to an animal shelter, as they should, they decide to drop them off in streets. Thus, Secondly, animal cruelty is one of the most destructive forms of abuse in society. According to The Humane Society, 70.1% victims are dogs, 20.9% are cats, and 24.1%these animals are left to carry on for themselves. Since they are animals and cannot support themselves without the help of a human, they end up malnourished and unkempt for. Then, the most fortunate ones, which are about six to eight million, will enter the countries 3,500 shelters. However, many would argue that stray animals going to shelters is unfortunate because they euthanize animals. The unfortunate reality is that many shelters run out of room to place animals and have no other alternative than to put them down. They also euthanize the very ill, those who’s pain cannot be abated, and the aggressive. Although for many shelters will continue to be inhumane, they do provide stray animals with water, food, and protection. 1.3 million animals die each day after being struck by vehicles. Without shelters, even more animals would be runned over and left to die on their own due. Furthermore, some animals are homeless because they went too far from home and ended up lost. That is why microchipping and having a collar for your dog and cat is highly encouraged incase one day your pet can’t find it’s way back home!

Secondly, animal abuse is one of the most destructive forms of abuse in the world. According to the Humane Society, 70.1% of victims are dogs, 20.9% are cats, and 24.1% are other animals. Who are these abusers that mistreat animals? Usually, animal abusers are violent individuals who intentionally plan on causing harm to an animal. There are many ways in which an animal encounters abuse such as neglect, hoarding, beating, fighting, throwing, stabbing, mutilation, and burning. Signs to be aware of that will show animal cruelty are dogs that are chained up all day without, food, water, and shelter, untreated wounds, malnutrition, and many more. If you see animal abuse or suspect it, call an animal control officer which can be done anonymously. Animals have been mistreated for too long, stand up for them and don’t be afraid to speak up against animal cruelty.

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