Friendships After High School

By: Jasmine Minjarez and Paola Rodriguez


Once we graduate middle school mostly all of your friends are also going to be going to the same high school as you. You expect to have the same friends as you did in middle school but over the school year you lose contact with some friends and most people change. Over summer people grow apart and you don’t even end up going into high school with the people you ended middle school with. The friends that you thought were going to be friends for your high school years end up being different people, people you meet along the way.  At the end of high school you end up with a different group of people.


As you go on to junior and senior year you notice friendships failing and start to change the way you value connections with people. Genuine connects are the best feeling. Junior year is where you feel if people aren’t meant to be your friend it isn’t meant to be. You become more in touch with yourself and care about your well being more than anyone else’s.


Senior year comes with graduation you’re finally going to leave high school after 4 long years. After graduation is over you know who your real friends are. Usually after graduation people lose contact. They are to busy getting ready for college since mostly everyone is going to a different college some people are going to college out of state. The friendships that you had in high school are lost over the years. Usually the friends that you had were because you had them in a class or because you see them around and needed someone to talk to.


In college is where you know who are your real friends. The people that you meet in college are the people that will still be there for you. Most of the time those people that you meet in college are going to become your long term friends. This is mostly because even with both your schedules you still find time for each other, which is basically how friendships stay alive. In high school is really hard for students to be alone. Which is a big reason they find friends they wouldn’t normally be friends with or people they wouldn’t hang out with outside of school just to not feel lonely. Many people even change who they are as a person, their beliefs and values to have friends.  In college is where all this goes out the window and your friends are people you share things with and don’t change yourself to have them by your side.

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