New Additions Make Their Debut At APB

New Additions make their debut at APB

By Joseph Zapata, Jacqueline Silva, Jaime Reyes, David Lopez, Maria De Jesus.

Screaming and yells fill the hall as the hype sky rockets.

It’s a tied game, both players, no longer students, but challengers, stare each other down. People crowd and block the halls, everyone is watching.

After a heated 4 minute game, one is considered victor, king of hill, only to fight their next challenger. A roaring moment, provided only by a hockey table.

Since last year’s ping pong table had such a short lived success,  it was decided to expand and include more additions.

A new foosball/pool table, as well as a new air hockey table make their debut in APB’s halls this new semester. The foosball table is a 3 in 1, also sporting a pool table, and a durable air-hockey table.

Students are free to play during lunch and after school, but only after trading in one of their valuables for a piece of the table. This trading policy was introduced by Ms. Mendez in order to ensure that students don’t steal the items needed to enjoy the tables.

Now that the tables are here, do they work as a destresser?

“They sometimes do but they’re mostly to just keep my mind off things like school” Junior, Abel Gomez said.

With the new additions in the school there have been students who think differently of the table games “They don’t leave the supplies out for us to play freely”(Jose Sandoval), then when asked about the new astroturf  “I don’t like how we can’t wear cleats on it like we did with the dirt” (Jesus Ramirez).

CSO Garcia believes the foosball and air hockey tables are worthwhile. “ I do think the tables are worthwhile since I see students playing them everyday” he said.

The students simply enjoying the tables warrants Principal Reed buying them over and over again. When asked about how long he believes the tables will last, Reed only compares it to a car, and how over time, it’s succumb to the usual wear and tear.

“The kids like them alot, and I just want everyone to feel comfortable”, Reed said.

With that in mind, Reed does hint at a possible room exclusively for activities and tables like the hockey table. He mentions that “In the new campus, we currently have a room not planned for anything….that’s all I’ll say”.

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