Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Babies

By Leonides Martinez, Silvia Padilla, Carlos Ruvalcaba, and David Padilla

Planned Parenthood officially accused of selling aborted babies and body parts according to the undercover tape that was released on Tuesday.

Planned Parenthood was already on a three year undercover investigation for this exact reason. Planned Parenthood has allegedly been partner with a company to the purchase of fetal parts since 2010. It is still unclear whether the tape has been tampered with or not.

This video contains, a Planned Parenthood senior director discussing to the two anonymous pro life activist posing as potential buyers. She talks about how careful they are removing the fetuses during the abortion without any damage.

The video also suggests that Planned Parenthood was trying to sell fetuses, it is still unclear whether the video was edited or not.
Peer advocate is a person who inform teen about Planned Parenthood to teenagers.

“Planned Parenthood goes through all the legal process.” Jordy Rodriguez, a student of Animo Pat Brown,Grade 12, who also happens to be a Planned Parenthood peer advocate.
“So anything they do with the fetuses isn’t illegal”
He also adds, “Although what you may have heard in the news is different, the media has a thing of skewing everything, so we don’t necessarily know for sure what they are doing, but from my understanding, Planned Parenthood goes through the legal process of disposing of the fetuses.”
Jody is trying to say that he believes the media is mixes informations and Planned Parenthood does everything considering the law.

Animo Pat Brown teachers support Planned Parenthood.

“I’ve read pieces of the transcripts from videos and it seems like them conservatives are misconstruing the Planned Parenthood’’ said Tracy Ohara a biology and anatomy teacher.

Planned Parenthood is being considered to having illegal process but however it yet not clear because of all the media that goes around with different information. This is a concern to the people who in use of their clinics and services.

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