Senior Take Over

This week’s Wednesday had a small change this time around. Usually, the school is vacant as all grades leave for a college visiting trip, however, the staff saw the redundancy in having seniors go to a college trip as they are already waiting for the colleges they applied to to send out acceptances.

So Wednesday was deemed to be a “Senior Take Over” day. It was all planned out to be a small block schedule of just working on stuff from other classes in their guidance. No pressure, just a very relaxed day to breathe and catch up on studies.

Hector Guardia, a senior, thought that it was a good day because he “…was able to actually catch up on work, and talk to friends. To chill”.

It was very much needed for many. However, many also believed that the day was wasted because many students didn’t do much but just sit on computers and play games the entire time. 

Lindsey Rodriguez, also a senior, believes that it was a wasted day and that; “we should have just stayed home”.

Unfortunately, because of the excessive rain, any of the games planned by the ARC staffed had to be canceled, and instead, and improvisation to the schedule had to be made.

Without a rock climbing wall, and various activities outside, seniors, instead would go to the gym to play a couple team building games instead.

Over all, it did well.


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