Stray Animals

 by Ary Perez and Victor P 

Pets are human’s best friends, so why watch them suffer? They have unconditional love for their owners and their family. They’re wonderful, have so much energy, and love to play anyone or anything. But there are many  that don’t have owners or their owners simply didn’t care about them.

These strays live on the streets and just wander around, looking for places to sleep and garbage to eat. This is so sad, they don’t deserve to suffer like that. Just imagine a dog being hungry, tired, cold, thirsty, and lonely. There are many strays that get ran over because they  don’t understand what a red light means. They either get hit and die or they get ran over and don’t die but suffer from all of the pain. Also, when it’s raining, they’re getting all wet and most likely cold. The dog doesn’t have anywhere to sleep, the whole floor is wet, and the stray doesn’t know where to go to. There are about 7.6 million strays, of which 3.9 million are dogs and 3.4 million cats. Approximately 1.2  million get euthanized in other words get put down. Why do many get killed is because there is an overpopulation of homeless animals? They reproduce when in the streets now, instead of having five dogs now there are ten. Animal overpopulation is a serious problem. This problem is seen a lot in the school’s neighborhood. Emely a junior said “ ya I’ve seen many dogs wandering around the school, and sometimes even puppies.” A solution to this problem could be to have your pet neuter, there is this truck that parks in Roosevelt Park that offers free neutering. This could stop the animal over population

Since there is an overpopulation in stray animals shelters are a must but there are very little shelters.  The shelters help the animal, clean them up, feed them and give emotional support. But sadly they have to put down unadopted animal to make room for another stray that might have a better chance on getting adopted. The less fortunate get a low resource shelter with just a room and no type of protection and might fight with other animals.Some animals might be send to a “turn away” or “no kill shelter” which have the right to not kill the animals. But these pitiful shelters keep the animals in cages the animal most likely become depressed or aggressive and won’t get adopted. To help with this problem you got get a name tag on your pet’s collar with a phone number so your dog could be return to you.

This is why, if you have a furry friend at home, pay attention to them and appreciate them because you don’t want them to go through what these animals go through. They might be in your life for a few years, but you are their entire life. So appreciate and love your pet, you’re all they got.



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