Is Cannabis a Problem at APB?


By: Alan Gutierrez, Jesus Avina, Julio Ibarra

Did you know that marijuana, also known as cannabis, became legal in California on the first of January? In the year 2016, 57 percent of the people were allowing the legalization of the sale and the growing of recreational marijuana. Although the proposition was passed down by Los Angeles officials, they stated that they would not be accepting any license until further notice. With cannabis now being legal, many students will easily get their hands on any drugs. This means that students walking by blocks will smell more marijuana than they used to since there are four cannabis shops near our school campus.


10th grade teacher Ms.Jang knows that there’s one cannabis in florence graham. She also believes that it might affect students here at APB because it will be more accessible for students and many will now be influenced to do drugs. Ms.Jang stated “I think from a conversation our school is trying to figure out a way to get rid of it and it’s so close to our school, ideally I want it to be removed.” The sooner these cannabis are removed the better it will be for our students at APB. Ms.Jang believes that 5% of students drink alcohol or smoke.


12th grade Jocelyne Hernandez also knows that there’s a cannabis in florence graham. She also believes that minority of students do drugs and there’s other ways students can get drugs without the cannabis shops. She stated “I feel like they should talk it out with someone to remove the cannabis, because it’s nearby our schools.” Our school is currently working on how to remove those cannabis nearby our schools. Jocelyne believes that 45% of the students at APB do drugs.


Principal Reed knows all four cannabis that are nearby our school. The country is going to issue licences but the rules are here, all cannabis must be 100 ft away from school, when California gives out licenses they are going to input them to the community and carefully monitor them. Mr.Reed states that cannabis has a negative impact on everyone, which also makes the consumer less able to complete responsibilities. Mr.Reed believes that cannabis has a negative impact on everybody, it makes you less able to complete your responsibilities. The people that work in the cannabis have been tracked, they are unsafe because they are illegal, and they are criminals, they attract other criminal that can lead to more students getting robbed and it just brings bad people to the neighborhood.