Struggling to wake up in the mornings

     By Mindy Larios

      Juan lays in bed scrolling through his Instagram laughing at funny memes. He checks the time and sees that it’s 10:30 pm. He decides to stay awake for a few minutes and watches a few Youtube videos. When he checks the time again, he’s surprised to see that it’s already midnight. Realizing he has school early tomorrow, he turns off his phone and falls asleep. With the familiar sound of his phone alarm ringing at 6:00 am, he awakes with a groan. He immediately turns the annoying thing off and tells himself he will only sleep for a few more minutes. He quickly drifts back to sleep. And suddenly he wakes up with a jump. As he frantically looks for his phone to check the time, he’s hoping that he didn’t oversleep. The time reads 7:50 am. He already knows he will not make it to school on time. He gets ready quickly, throws whatever school stuff he sees in his backpack, and doesn’t eat breakfast. Once he reaches school, it’s already 8:11 am. Sighing, he walks into his Spanish class knowing that he will have to spend 30 minutes of his lunch in Lunch Give-Back. He sits and begins taking out his supplies. He can’t find see his Spanish book and begins to desperately search for it. He remembers that since he was rushing in the morning, he forgot to pack it and therefore earns himself a 30 minute detention by Mrs. Yokota.

      We all know the struggles of waking up early. Everybody likes to sleep and nobody enjoys having to wake up early. Some people, however, struggle with getting up a lot. I am definitely not a morning person, but I’ve figured out ways to make getting up in the morning a much easier task. Here are tips and advice on how to make waking up earlier less challenging.

Set Multiple Alarms

    Don’t set just one alarm, set two, four, or even ten if it’s necessary, the more the better. I’d recommend setting the first alarm at an early time such as 5:00 am. A lot of the times when our alarm rings, we tend to shut it off and drift back to sleep. Having multiple alarms, set five or ten minutes apart, increases the chance of actually hearing one and waking up to it. When most people first use multiple alarms (including myself), they tend to grab their phones and turn down their volume. Therefore, set your alarm somewhere where you can’t reach from bed. With no other choice but to get up to turn the loud obnoxious alarm off, you’ll find yourself awake.

Turn on the lights

         Personally, I find it impossible to sleep with sunlight in my face or my room light on. I am only able to sleep in total darkness and quietness. If lights disturb your ability to sleep, then I recommend turning on your lamp, opening the curtains, or switching the room light on. Although checking your phone after waking up isn’t recommended, checking your Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, etc, could entertain you and make you forget about falling back to sleep.

Sleep Early

    Whenever you’re sleepy the next day for school, teachers most likely tell you to sleep earlier. For me, however, I found that sleeping early makes no difference in helping me wake up without struggling from sleepiness. Nevertheless, most high school students tend to sleep late and sleeping late is the main reason for their struggle in the mornings. In that case, stop doing your homework last minute and do it early so you don’t stay up all night doing it. If it’s your phone that keeps you up, then shut it off. Sleeping early helps you stay well-rested and energized for the school day.

Talk to yourself

     No matter if you sleep for five more minutes or ten, you will wake up just as tired. So just do it. Tiredness is only difficult because you let it be. Once your alarm rings, get up and don’t let sleep overpower you. Once you are up, have brushed your teeth, washed your with face with cold water, and taken a shower, you’ll no longer feel tired. You’ll be able to do things at your own pace without rushing, pack everything you need, eat a nice breakfast, and even have time to scroll through your phone. You’ll arrive to school early and have your full 40 minutes of lunch to enjoy.



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