Field Trips of 2018

By: Alan Gutierrez, Jesus Avina, Julio Ibarra


This school year every grade level went to field trips some went on college field trips while others went on others it differed depending on your grade. Many students and teachers enjoyed their field trips while others didn’t. These college field trips is an opportunity for students to learn about the college campus and to decide if the college is a right fit for them. Also it gets them an idea how college life will be when they enter college. It is a good opportunity for students to have an idea of the college that they want to get into. Some students have the chance to sleep in hotels depending on their GPA, it’s a reward to visit another college for a couple of days without being in school. All grades levels go to at least two colleges while seniors only go to one college due to their college applications are already sent before second semester.

The nine graders went to UC Irvine for their college trip and to USC. Nine grade student Andrea Ortiz stated “I went to UC Irvine, it was really short, they don’t let us buy food on campus.” The trip for the nine graders was really short due to the limited amount of time they had to look around the campus with the tourist. She also stated that instead of going to college field trips, they should also have trips to amusement parks. Andrea Ortiz stated, “I would like to go to an amusement park, somewhere where it’s not educational and that we can have fun there. Having more field trips to different places instead of college trips would be better for nine graders to have more fun than they had in the college field trips that they went to.

The ten graders went to UCLA and Cal Poly Pomona for their college field trips. Both of these campus are really great schools to attend to. World History teacher Ms. Jang stated, “I went to the college field trips, we went to UCLA and Cal Poly Pomona and I also took some of the students to the San diego field trip.” Some students had the chance to go to the San Diego field trip by having a good gpa. Ms.Jang stated that she really enjoyed the field trips but sometimes it feels a bit boring due to the tour guide being engaged with the students or just being boring. This can be a problem because many students get bored that they won’t even pay attention to the tourist guide. 10 grade student Mac Manrique stated, “I went to UCLA, it was fun that we hanged out with our friend but that campus was pretty boring.” Mac didn’t enjoy being with the tourist guide, what he enjoyed was getting to explore the campus with his friends. He also wants to have better field trips rather than only college trips, Mac agreed with Andrea that they both want amusement park field trips or a field trip that will be fun for them and everyone.

The eleventh graders and eleventh grade teachers went to Northridge and Fullerton as their college day college. We asked Chemistry teacher Roselman on which colleges she has gone to and what she liked and disliked from the colleges and she stated, “In Northridge we had more time and not in a rush, and in Fullerton it felt really long walking and I felt really tired and many students were rushing to eat because we didn’t have enough time”. Another question we asked her was on which college she would prefer going to if she had the choice and she said, “I always wanted to go in UC Irvine or some of the UCs but like it would be more fun for 11 graders, my favorite campuses were UC Irvine, I would love to go there one more time.” We also interviewed a student to hear their thoughts about the college field trips and what they said was very unexpected. 11th grade Elizabeth Vargas went to Fullerton and really disliked everything about the field trip and responded that the best part of the field trip was going home and wouldn’t like to go to another college field trip. (Well just wait next year).


While all other grades went to a college field trip senior on the other hand got a privilege to go somewhere completely different or so we thought. See 12th graders had plan to had a new experience by going to the Getty Museum but instead of that we had more like a lunch at the Getty Museum. The P.E teacher Cieply had a little bit more of insight on this and said “I really enjoyed the museum but we didn’t get enough time there so it fell short” this means that even teacher felt like the time we had to go was not used effectively and was not well organized. Then we continued to ask further questions like if he would like to go to more field trips and he said “yes I love field trips and I think it’s important to visit colleges and exposure to make colleges as possible”. Then we asked if there was a particular place he would like to go and he said “You know I only went on one and that was El Camino and I will enjoy going to any other college, I never been to UC Irvine”. Now that we have the opinion and information of a teacher we decided it would be very interesting to get one of a student as well so we interview Senior student Victor Patino. After asking him a variety of question his full response was “I went to the Getty museum, we spent an hour on the museum and we spent an hour on the bus”, he also complained about there not being enough time during the field trip. We asked if there was any changes the school should make for upcoming field trips and he said “sending us somewhere where it ain’t far so we have more time to be there, i would say having a chill day at the park”. Senior year field trips would most definitely be a amazing experience if only our school managed there times correctly and had a plan conducted and back-up plans to be secure and ensure the student the best of their time on the field trip.

In conclusion, every grade level got to experience a new college and explored. It’s up to the students to decide whether or not the college is the best fit for them. It helps out students know how college life will be and what they will expect in their future in college. As to Senior they should be given the chance to get new experiences because we had already applied for colleges and going to college field trips would make much of a difference but still it would be amazing to get a feel of new environments and places.

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