Amino Pat Brown’s Lunch Time

APB School Lunch Is Garbage

By Nathan Juarez

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This is not the lunch from APB

The Animo Pat Brown lunch is waste of time and effort. When the bell rings that only thing that I looked forward to is the 40 mins we get, but is not enough we should be getting 2 hours at least after suffering class for 100 hours. Not to mention that each class has their very own ecosystem. Some classes feel like a snow tundra giving to frostbite to student who get hit with sudden cold draft of air. Even worse some of these classes feel like the Amazon rain forest, they smell like posterior and onions. I have seen some these teachers spray febreze trying to masks the smell but it just makes it worse.

After going through hell and back we are given toe jam and undercooked fries. There are some hidden gems like the pizza, Chinese take out, the fruit cups. The other food looks like minimal effort was put into it. I respect the volunteers handing out food to these annoying kids but can we get something else beside frozen sandwiches.

Something that I do not understand is lunch give back. Why do I have to serve my time during lunch sitting next kids that have no concern for their own future? I could be socializing with my friends and doing my small part in society, yet I am confined to a small area of the gym and chained to an aluminum chair. I have no control of time and I have other younger siblings that go to different schools. APB can be trash sometimes but is whatever.

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