Is College a Scam?



College:A scam? (R.J Matson
By: Jessica Sanchez and Bryan GOnzalez

College is a scam. Why pay for your own education? Is it because of the race? Is it because the government earns easy money?

Everyone tells you that if you want to make a good living, you can go to college. Many people in society believe that college is where you go after high school to make money. Still, if it is, shouldn’t it be more accessible to people at all income levels to attend to college?

College is essential for success in life, but some very skilled and talented individuals are unable to attend because tuition has been steadily rising and at an alarming rate.

The article “Borrowing Fall as Prices Continue to Rise” demonstrates how much college tuition has increased over the years. Adjusting for inflation, the average tuition and fees increased by 2.7 percent between 2015-16 and 2016-17 to $33,480. Individuals earn an average of $31,960 a year in 2019. The average wage often doesn’t even cover the cost of tuition.

There’s also those who make less than that. People do not want to feel dominated, at least for a long time, which is why they refuse to attend college even though their ability is high. They feel controlled because they are in debt for a long time due to college tuition costs.

A senior at APB said, “I say that out of everything we pay for, college shouldn’t be included. You can’t put a price on learning really. The only thing you go to college for is to get a stupid piece of paper. If you didn’t go to college you can still learn and you might even learn more by doing things yourself. It should be just like High School, we just go in and apply and show our transcripts and see if we get accepted but we should pay for books.”

Illustration: Jon Karause

College tuition does not pay for itself. The only thing suggested is that tuition should be made more affordable to all students. Some are still in their thirties and paying tuition. That is something that many people do not want. As we all know, it is dependent on how long we spend in college, and the longer we stay, the more debt we accumulate.

“Money is the secret to success in life”. Education is also important for our lives. Should college, therefore, be more affordable? Yes. Most students want to attend college but do not do so. Why is this? The most common explanation is that their parents do not have enough money to pay for college, especially for books.

In an article titled, “Should College Be Free?” it states, “I believe we should move to make college affordable for everybody,” begins a new, subtweet-y campaign ad from Pete Buttigieg that started airing in Iowa on Thanksgiving.” 

Another thing we should worry about is books. Books are extremely pricey. Why would anyone want to spend $200-$500 for a short period of time? They should let them borrow the books, and if they mistreat or destroy them, they should be charged for the book.

Wealthy people find it easier to attend college and don’t have to deal with anything. For them, it can simply be a matter of preference. However, for certain individuals, it can’t be a choice because of the need of financial need.

There are several options for people who want to attend college. One of them is to make college more affordable. This will allow a large number of students to have a bright future. Many people are concerned with covering their bills, but education should not be one of them.

Many colleges and universities need diversity. The Harvard student body is made up of students who have money who can afford the high tuition of a private college. As a result, only the wealthy go there.

Universities do this for financial reasons. But why should some colleges be more expensive than others if they all have the same kind of professors who teach the same thing? Why should college be something you have to waste your money on?

Yes, there is a way for you to save money by starting at a community college for two years and then transferring to a CSU for four years. However, many people do not do so unless they want to attend college for longer than four years. Often, bear in mind that many people have had enough of school and do not want to return.

But education should be more affordable to all because the costs are very high as people pursue their dreams. Dreams are free, so why can’t this be free or less expensive?