Halloween spirit infects us all

Halloween is this Monday, the scariest day of the year when spirits of the dead overlap with the living — or so trick-or-treaters would have you believe. This is a time where people can dress up as ghosts, goblins, princesses or their favorite character.

Its origins come back from a Gaelic tradition called the Festival of Samhain, which was celebrated at the end of the harvest season. People believed spirits would come back from the dead so they decided to dress up as them to make them think they were one of them in attempt to mimic the evil spirits to appease them, according to the website “Halloween History.”

As the time progressed, Halloween has moved away from its traditional roots. Now Halloween is about children and adults dressing up as their favorite characters or something creepy and scary and going trick or treating and getting tons of candy from neighbors.

Many people have different view points of Halloween, some may say that it is just for children and others say it could be for anybody who has the Halloween Spirit.

But overall it all relates to the belief of this tradition to be a playful and scary holiday.

“For Halloween I am planning to be a Circus Ringmaster because I feel that it is a unique and hardly anyone chooses to be that costume,” sophomore Ashley Lemus said. “I like dressing up and I still want to keep the Halloween spirit and besides I love trick or treating.”

“I’m planning to be a car freshener  because when I bought my hot dog last year I saw the car fresher and i said I’m going to be that next year and besides I like trick or treating for fun” senior Francisco Menendez said.

On the other hand others dress up for educational purposes.

“I want to be Macbeth or a savage Jack from Lord of the Flies,” English teacher Brian Reed said. “I like Holidays. It’s always nice to have traditions and celebrating all the fun holidays.

“Halloween is a good opportunity to make costumes educational,” Reed said.

Other students have other educational ideas.

“I want to be a dead graduate its going to be really bloody and I even bought scar tissues to make it look real,” senior Samoan Brown said. “ I have a lot of spirit for the school and for Halloween. The school has done a lot for me and I am going to  show it.”

“Sadly I am not going trick or treating because I am to old,” Samoan said

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